Garage doors

Sectional garage doors are used in construction of detached and multi-family buildings. The individual preferences of our customers are reflected by our personalized products manufactured on order. Selected colours of high-quality door panels and a wide selection of laminates of external doors allow you to create well composed colour sets that will become a showcase of the house.

For convenience of use, garage doors can be equipped with an automatic drive. Our offer includes automation for the doors of the leading manufacturers: Somfy, Beninca and GfA Eletromaten.

Door panels

The door panels are available in two finishes: the smooth SLICK and WOODGRAIN, which mimics the structure of the wood.

Examples of garage door designs

Panel without embossing

Winchester colour door

T50 S29 colour door

Door in dark anthracite colour

T53 S37 door in dark anthracite colour

Available colours

dark anthracite (slick)

golden oak (slick)

dark walnut (slick)

marsh oak (slick)

woodlike anthracite (slick)

winchester (slick)

Panel with narrow embossing

White door (woodgrain)

T46 S35 door in white, embossed

Available colours

brown (woodgrain)

white (woodgrain)

Wide embossing panel

Gold oak door (slick)

T41 S37 door gold oak

Available colours

golden oak (slick)

dark walnut (slick)

Additional execution options

with pass-through door and low sill

with pass-through door and high sill

window panel

panel with aluminium section

Design of sectional garage doors

Standard equipment

  • Door made of 40 mm thick panels filled with polyurethane foam finished with galvanized laminated steel sheet
  • Support frame – angles and guides made of galvanized steel profiles with a thickness of 2 mm
  • Front torsion springs with standard number of cycles equal to 15000
  • Central and side hinges made of galvanized steel sheet

Thermal conductivity

  • Panels used in the production of our doors are characterized by thermal insulation parameter at the level of Ud=0.74 W/(m²*K)

Safety of use as standard

  • A safety mechanism to prevent the door from falling down in the event of a spring breakage
  • Secure-lock panels prevent fingers from accidental pinching
  • Profiled guides protect the rollers from falling out
  • The Omega trapezoid reinforcement prevents panels longer than 5m from bending
  • Amperometric obstacle detection system – used to detect possible obstacles that may occur during the normal movement of the door. Thanks to this function, when an obstacle is encountered, the drive stops the door and changes the direction of its movement.


Door with front lead guide

Rear lead guided door

Table of markings for the dimensions of sectional garage doors

Width of the opening, ordering dimensionSO
Hole height, ordering dimensionHO
Entrance lumen heightHWHO – 150 mm
Entry lumen widthSWSO
Minimum required lintel heightN
Front guide, front springs (at lintel)Manual doorN200 mm
Automated door
Minimum depth of the room with free space under the ceilingDHO + 500
Minimum width of the left lateral spaceBL80 mm
Minimum width of the right lateral spaceBR80 mm
Length of door guideLP2900 или 3500
Drive guide lengthLPN3200 или 3800

HO – hole height