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Bord W3

komplekt alates 565.00€
  • Tootja: Classen
  • Mudel: Bord W3
  • Saadavus: Eeltellimine

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BORD W3 internal entrance door meet the requirements of the second class antiburglary
protection, under the condition of installing the door with special steel door
frame, handle with escutcheon (page 135) and a set of cylinder locks fulfilling the second
anti-burglary class (page 132).

Construction of a door leaf with thickness of 46mm: peripheral frame made of softwood
reinforced with special steel flat bar and a plywood. As a filling, a perforated chipboard
was used. All is covered with wood-based board, veneered with Classen decors.

Door leaf execution standard:
- veneered door leaf
- finishing: Classen Primo, Classen Iridium, Classen CPL laminate and Classen HPL
- Hard Edge K door leaf edge profile
- three silver anti-burglary three-way hinges
- Multistrong anti-burglary strip
- multipoint lock for cylinder lock (openings spacing 72mm)
- single leaf 80’-100’
- door leaves thickness: 46 mm
- door leaf available only with BORD W3 steel fixed door frame

Tehnilised andmed

Construction door leaf and door frames 100’ +20%
Accessories peephole; fixed threshold; falling threshold; steel panel with room’s number - single-sided
Ukseleht, ukseleng, hinged, lukukorpus