Door Classen Asteria

Asteria B model_6_akacja_jasna
Asteria B model_7_akacja_jasna
Asteria B model_8_akacja_jasna
Asteria R - model 9 - akacja jasna
Asteria B model_6_biały
Asteria B model_7_biały
Asteria B model_8_biały
Asteria R - model 9 - biały
Asteria - model_6_dab_griggio
Asteria - model_7_dab_griggio
Asteria - model_8_dab_griggio
Asteria - model_9_dab_griggio
Asteria - model_6_dab_kendal
Asteria - model_7_dab_kendal
Asteria - model_8_dab_kendal
Asteria - model_9_dab_kendal kopia
Asteria R - model 6 - jesion norweski
Asteria R - model 7 - jesion norweski
Asteria R - model 8 - jesion norweski
Asteria R - model 9 - jesion norweski
Asteria B model_6_orzech wloski
Asteria B model_7_orzech wloski
Asteria B model_8_orzech wloski
Asteria R - model 9 - orzech wloski
Asteria B model_6_jesion grafitowy
Asteria B model_7_jesion grafitowy
Asteria B model_8_jesion grafitowy
Asteria R - model 9 - jesion grafitowy ryflowany

Product: Asteria

Model: Model 6

Color: CPL Acacia Light

from 455 €

The price includes decorative details.

Rebated door leaf construction:

  • veneered door leaf
  • Hard Edge R door leaf edge profile for Iridium decors, peripheral frame made of softwood, filling – HLT full chipboard
  • Hard Edge PF door leaf edge profile for CPL decors, peripheral frame made of MDF board, reinforced with plywood, filling – HTL full chipboard
  • 3 silver screwed pintle hinges
  • finishing: Classen Iridium, Classen CPL
  • overprint: aluminium profile, width: 8 mm, aligned with a door leaf surface
  • lock for regular key, bathroom key, cylinder lock, mortise lock
  • toughened safety graphite, transparent glazing with overprint
  • single leaf 70’-100’
  • double leaf 140’-200’
  • sliding single and double leaf doors

Non-rebated B door leaf construction:

  • peripheral frame made of softwood, filling – HTL full chipboard and perforated chipboard (models 1 and 5)
  • hard Edge B door leaf edge profile
  • two openings for 3D hidden hinges
  • magnetic lock: mortise lock, standard key lock, bathroom lock, mortise lock
  • single leaf 70’-90’

CAUTION! Model 1 available only in non-rebated B door version

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